Employee testimonials


Technical and Process engineering Manager, Slovakia

I’m working in Bratislava’s plant as Technical and Process engineering Manager. I joined the company in 2016 through a VIE as an Assistant process manager for a 2-year contract. Following this positive experience, I continued with a local contract.

On my day-to-day job, I split my time between: 

  • Production operational topic (process improvement, organisation, troubleshooting on machine…) with local team. 

  • Quality activities (NC treatment, control in production, communication toward internal and external supplier) 

  • Method + Project: Development of new product, Investment new technology, layout optimization, 5S project, data collection, reporting…  

What I value the most in my job is the split of activity between concrete activity in production where you solve daily issues and the possibility to work on several different project for the development of the activity Every day is different, you can get a full view of how the production site is working. Teamwork is a strong part of the job.   

What I value in the company is the open communication and team spirit we share in the site to solve issue and to move forward our activity. I value the mindset of the team to bring flexibility and adaptability to serve customer. We are not slowed down by a rigid organisation between departments. Cooperation is fast and with less procedure.  

The company doesn’t hesitate to invest to develop the site and bring more and more activity.  

As an employer, I appreciate that VMBSO try to build cooperative team on each site. It creates a pleasant and stimulating environment for both operative work and project.  

Recent example with the renewing of process and production board where you meet colleagues from other sites directly. It develops the network inside the group.  

I see more and more colleague reaching out on other teams/site to help on issue they are facing and how to solve them using others experiences/knowledges or other approach.  

Communication is a clear focus of the group, there is noticeable efforts to change or to evolve our way to interact between site/department.  

How have you evolved within the company? What skills have you developed and how?   
started as an assistant processnow, I am responsible for the Process team on our production site.  

Over the course of 8 yearsthe management provided me opportunities: 

  • To grow by leading more and more complex project (Investment, new process development, product development, production transfer, production management, quality management…)  

  • To support my development through various training (Project managementcommunicationIPA certification, coaching, mentoring…) 

Thanks to these experiences, I learnt how to be part of complex project while interacting with multicultural teams. I learnt how to manage a team and to report on long term plan.