What is Zinc?

Zinc is a durable, noble and timeless material, as demonstrated by the first building in zinc with VMZINC in 1937, almost 190 years ago. 

Well known under the trademark Vieille Montagne for decades, VMZINC has been the commercial trademark for the products and systems in titanium zinc for the building envelop since the 90’s. VMZINC is the leader for zinc titanium in the world.  

What is titanium zinc used for?

Titanium zinc is used for the whole building envelop (facade, roofing, rainwater systems, finishings, ornaments) which is considered as a suitable choice for architects and installers thanks to his interesting characteristics. 

What is the range of solutions in zinc?

  • Roofing Systems: wide range of roofing solutionsaccessories 

  • Facade Systems: rull range of innovative cladding systems including a number of rainscreen facade solutions to meet the needs of the architects 

  • Rainwater systemsVMZINC markets a wide range of products and accessoriesmainly in European marketsthat protect buildings.  

  • Accessories: performing stripeswaterproofing and flashing accessories to provide elegant seams” and combine with other materials 

  • Ornaments: The manufacture of our ornaments is based on the know-how of ornamentalists, with standard pieces and bespoke creations based on replicas or new designs.  

VMBSO has the widest range of surface finishes in the world, with a unique engraved finish. The architects can express their creativity according to the aesthetic requirements of their building by choosing a standard or a bespoke colour. 

Why choose VMZINC

  • Very high quality of zinc Z1 (99,995% pure zinc) with titanium and copper making it an ideal material for building applications 
  • Malleability to fit to the creativity of the architects 

  • natural patina that gives an exceptional life span. 

  • Low maintenance which is an advantage in the life of a building 

  • Natural material and recyclable (In Europe, more than 95% of old rolled zinc is recycled) 


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