What is copper?

Copper is a chemical element and, in terms of cultural history, is one of the first metals used by man and is one of our oldest building materials. Nowadays copper is one of the most widely used materials for a wide range of applications. Due to its very good workability and outstanding durability, copper has enjoyed great popularity as a building material for centuries and many historic buildings are witnesses to this history and can be experience in our daily environment. 

Today, ecological considerations play a role just as important in the choice of building materials as technical and aesthetic aspects. This makes copper, with its excellent recycling properties, also a modern building material. Copper can be 100% recycled as often as desired, without any loss of quality. Thus Copper meets the requirements for a sustainable use of building materials.


What is Nordic Copper ?

 Nordic Copper is the product range for architectural applications, such as facades roofs and interiors, made by Aurubis. The unrivaled range of factory-applied surface treatments provides copper and brass with various stages of oxidation and patination immediately. Nordic Copper stands for individual architectural solutions, a long life cycle for buildings and a responsible legacy for future generations and is exclusively available from VM Building Solutions.

Range of products

VM Building Solutions has been promoting and selling a range of copper products for many years. 

The new Nordic Copper range comprises 14 different material and surface variants with mill-finished and pre-weathered copper, brass and bronze surfaces and eight different patina surfaces. Nordic Royal complements the Nordic Copper range as a special aluminum bronze with a permanent golden appearance.


Why choose Nordic Copper?

All Nordic Copper products offer the benefits of:

  • Protection by its patina against corrosion in any atmospheric conditions, durable and problem-free with no maintenance
  • Exceptional, indefinite lifespan demonstrated over hundreds of years
  • Cost-efficient substrates and low ‘whole-life’ costs
  • Easy malleability at any temperature and no brittleness in cold weather
  • Low thermal movement and high melting point, which prevents stretching in hot weather 
  •  Non-toxic and safe to work with



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