With VM Building Solutions, unleash your creativity and benefit from personalized support at every stage of your project.

VM Building Solutions is considered to be the benchmark and partner for pitched and flat roof and façade professionals on the European market and beyond.

The expertise of our teams is dedicated to all professionals, whether there are architects, installers or distributors. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we do our utmost to meet their requirements and expectations.

In compliance with the standards of each market, and with a constant concern for quality, our teams provide support for all projects, whether small or large-scale, for renovation or new buildings. Our ability to listen and our local presence enable us to propose innovations that meet the needs of the various stakeholders, while taking into account the technical constraints and environmental challenges that the building sector faces on a daily basis. 

The scope of our services is designed to get as close as possible to the concerns of the various players, make their day-to-day lives easier and help creating unique buildings that will leave a mark for many years to come.

Our teams accompany the professionals from start to end to ensure that your project is as close as possible to what you had imagined, offering high quality and optimum performance. 

Our professionals advise you on the best technical choice and optimize your budget.


Services for architects

Special attention is done to transforming architects' vision into sustainable buildings through the following services:  

  • Advice and recommendations on zinc systems and EPDM membranes in line with economic and regulatory requirements.
  • Feasibility analysis with 3D representation, even for the most complex projects.
  • Innovative design studies based on the architect's creativity, taking into account all technical constraints.
  • Library of technical details and catalogue of BIM objects
  • Quantity estimates
  • On site meetings for complex projects

We also offer customized training courses for architects (link to the training page).


Services for installers

Our skilled teams assist you in the phase of the selection of the products/solutions, purchasing and installation.

  • Advice on product selection and installation 
  • Tailor-made products
  • Bespoke solutions with drawings to simplify installation
  • Technical training on site to ensure that the installation is carried out to the highest professional standards 

 We also offer customized training for installers.

For both VMZINC and our EPDM brands, we offer long-term guarantees! Contact the teams of your country for more details 

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