Our mission and our values, that’s what keeps us together.


The Fedrus International group intends to be the best partner for roofing and facade professionals. 

VM Building Solutions as a business Unit of the group works with the same mission.


VM Building Solutions share the values of the Group. Day after day we seek new ways to improve how we operate. In doing so, our values are an anchor and a compass for all our employees. They form a solid basis for our decisions and guide us in our activities. We cultivate these values consistently and spread the word with enthusiasm.

The 6 Fedrus International Group values are the beliefs and principles that drive our business. They impact our employee experience as well as the relationship we develop with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders:

  • Open communication
  • Simplicity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit
  • Ownership
  • Integrity

These values are our group's DNA, and they help us differentiate our business from the competition. That is why we cannot make business decisions without having them in mind. 

Code of conduct Fedrus International

Code of conduct

The Fedrus group Code of Conduct guides us in implementing our values. It is a reference tool for the day-to-day work for the employees of VM Building Solutions, to help them make the best choices in the decision-making, by determining the behaviour to adopt and those to proscribe. 

This important document aims to protect the Fedrus International group, as well as each and every one of the employees; it helps to adopt the right behaviour in the working relationships, with all stakeholders, colleagues, customers, suppliers, governmental and environmental authorities, etc...

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