To make our human resources more sustainable, VM Building Solutions's main ambition is about:  

  • Health, safety & wellbeing: Increase our focus on health, safety and wellbeing to foster a modern company that meets the expectation of existing and future employees.  
  • Education & training: Foster a learning culture, where both internal employees and external customers are included in a continuous learning journey. 

VM Building solutions’ social commitment has already materialised in the following actions: 

Equal rights, Diversity

We respect all legal requirements and the Code of conduct. Diversity is respected in all our HR processes.

Fair and equal pay

We respect all legal requirements. HR policies are communicated. We use international Hay grading methods to classify jobs. 

Talent management

Biannual Talent review for managerial positions to adapt our resources to the business needs (succession & development plan).

Competency development

Annual training plan, individual development plan, specific competencies development approach for blue collar workers in production sites.

Health & Safety

Mandatory Security training + follow-up on security issues. Security policy.

Employees engagement

Employee survey every year followed by an action plan.

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